the HMCS (Her Majesties Canadian Ship)PROTECTEUR, is adrift in the middle of the pacific ocean after an engine fire, this is the worst case scenario, about 20 injuries and no fatalities, sadly this is proof that our military is getting hit hard with these budget cuts, luckily they wont last long, but I hope everyone on the ship comes home safe, last I heard it was waiting on a Tug to come pull her into land, not sure where it will go, im assuming Hawaii. once again, come home safe.


power lifting competition

today I had a power lifting competition, it was fun. the first one ive ever done, interesting and nerve racking. sadly I didn’t place, but I did bench press the heaviest in my weight category! I was so happy! hopefully in future competitions I can push my self harder but this being my first I was extremely nervous, and I have learned, some guys are HUGEEEEEEEE!

Russian helicopters going through Ukraine

im sure we have all heard about the Russians on the border of Ukraine, but now its farther than on the border the Russian parliament has approved a Russian troop deployment to the Crimea, this video was taken before the improvement, yet it is in the Ukraine, Russia helicopters flying over head, locked and loaded, I cant even predict what will come from all this stuff, but I hope it doesn’t lead us going to war again, especially after this 12 year war we just finished

change of plans.

this weekend I was supposed to go to Camp tanner in London for a weekend training expedition within my Cadet corps, but due to a random change of events, it caused out Plan A and plan B both too change, we ended up staying in Woodstock, and only stayed for one day Friday- Saturday, instead of Friday- Sunday, either way we got some of the stuff we wanted too done, but it just puts a stick in your spokes when stuff like this happens. it was enjoyable but the down side is you don’t make a plan C (meaning if you cant go at all.) this supposed big storm really ruined things, and so far, its not that bad out. but nothing I can do now.

snow shoe!

well today, I learned how to snow shoe, and its surprisingly easy but with a learning curve, after walking for your entire life the way your used to walking, its weird trying to “re invent” if you will, how you walk. I wouldn’t say it is hard its just different, your so used to doing something the way you have always done it (duhh) but once you change it your brain just goes wonkers! I found myself after taking my snow shoes off that I kept walking like i had a “pickle up my @$$” (the person who taught me said that’s how your supposed to walk if your walking in snow shoes.)  even little things like turning around are completely different, how would you manage if something your so used to doing is just instantly changed forever. it would be confusing. but i guess you need to adapt!

veterans affairs

in the veterans bill of rights, it says as a veteran you have the right to be treated with respect, dignity, fairness and courtesy. but Julian Fantino (head of veterans affairs) has don’t the exact opposite, this leave me speechless to see this happening. they give so much for practically nothing in return, and are disrespected for it. that doesn’t seem right too me.