well thats one way.

well that’s one way to get rid of a dog problem, clearly its the Russian way!

in Sochi, crews of people are attempting to clean up the city of stray dogs, but they are doing it with poison traps, well I shouldn’t say this is a new thing in Sochi. apparently every year 1000’s of stray dogs cats and any other animal are killed by poison, traps, knives, shovels, and everything else. but this time they are killing more than usual.

“For Olympic Guests…this is for you!” people visiting the Olympics are attempting to save some of these animals, but sadly for every one they save, ten are killed. its weird like the article says, to go to another country than judge them, but this, this cant be a normal thing!

but can we really judge? it was only years ago when we rounded up cats and dogs and euthanized them in Canada.



more military cutbacks (old news)

one thing that kills me, is how much the Canadian military and DND is cutting back on projects to attempt to save money, well I guess its smart in the long term, but some of these things the military actually needs!

as some of you may know the military has done a $2 billion budget cut in order to save money for future expenses. well one way they plan on saving money is canceling project for needed equipment, and continuing with ones that should not be named cough cough (F-35) cough. but one thing we absolutely need in my eyes, but is being cancelled, (hopefully only temporary) is the CCV (Close Combat Vehicle) program, the CCV’s were to replace the LAV (Light Armored Vehicle) III’s or just a few. this being said I should state why, well first off, in Afghanistan the LAV’s didn’t fair well in many provinces, being said particularly the sandy ones such as Helmand, Kandahar, and a few areas around Kabul city. the LAV’s are great fighting vehicles but need a replacement or a new counter part. the CCV’s fair better in sandy conditions, snowy conditions and all around more rough terrain, that being said, they have more  armor to protect the soldiers and crew inside. but sadly the program has been cancelled in order to save money. considering the war in Afghanistan is coming to a close, I think this is the bet time to do as they have done. personally I cant complain because we don’t need them right now, but heaven forbid there be another war. we will need new equipment, and we will need the people already trained on such things. but either way they are making smart decisions and now is the best time to make them!



well this is funny, but bad for us.

apparently over 100,000 people have started and signed a petition to kick Justin Bieber out of the USA, well that’s funny and frankly great for them, but sadly America, we do not want him back.

he is a very talented guy (face palm) but sadly we don’t want to swap his mistakes in the USA to his new found mistakes in Canada. although all the teenage girls im sure would love to have him back, a lot of other people do not, sorry Justin.

someone should start a petition to keep him there. now that is real comedy!


This is crazy!

An American soldier caught by the taliban 4 years ago, was thought to be dead over the last 2, yet he was seen in a video from the taliban, given to US officials. to me this is insane because there is almost no such thing as being a POW (prisoner of war) in afghanistan, because there would be a 99% chance of them excecuting you due to hatred and no need for you. this man (U.S. Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl) is that 1% of those who are kept alive, and 4 years at that. we dont know much about it but this man still being alive afte 4 years is incredible, some say he was a deserter of the US army, others say he was a hero, some say he has joined the taliban, either way this story is incredible. origionally he was kept alive to switch taliban leaders in capticity off for himself. but yet he is still in captivity. This is Crazy! whats your opinion? why do you think they have kept him alive so long?


3 Canadian veterans from Afghan war found dead in a week.

The Canadian military says it will investigate the suicides of three veterans from the war in Afghanistan in less than one week.

The latest to take his life is Warrant Officer Michael McNeil, whose body was found at CFB Petawawa on Wednesday.

Earlier this week, Master Corporal William Elliott died at his home near CFB Shilo in southwestern Manitoba and Master Bombardier Travis Halmrast died in a Lethbridge hospital after a suicide attempt in a jail.

its sad to see these men come home from war and do not get the treatment and help they need.

numbers released by National Defence last summer reported that 22 members took their own lives in 2011. The numbers for 2012 haven’t been made public yet.

lest we forget.

starting my career.

on Tuesday November 26th, I went to the recruiting office in London Ontario to start my new career in the Canadian army.

 the drive to London was nerve racking, I was not sure what I would have to do what I was going to have to answer or even if they would accept me, but after being there for just a few minutes I realised it wasn’t so bad, the recruiter helped me if I needed it, and there wasn’t all that much I needed to do just to apply.

after I applied I had gone home which was a relief because I started the process of becoming what I have always wanted to be. today I got an email saying I have been chosen for further processing, which means I can continue on  to the aptitude test! then what? well than I start my career, eventually going to BMQ (basic military qualification.) but I cant get to far ahead of myself, I still need to pass the test! wish me luck!

Big Weight

Every day 2 and 4 i go into the school weight room and do my same routine.

My favourite workout is bench press, every workout I start off with bench, I do 5 reps of 225lbs, but today was special. Today I went to do my max, I was a little worried at first but when I went to do it I just cleared my mind and lifted the weight. I did my warm up of 135lbs and then went to 185lbs, I did 1 rep of 225, just so I could continue on doing my max. I decided to put 20 extra lbs on the bar, adding the total weight to 245lbs, and I ended up doing that pretty easily. so I decided just to put the weight up to 250lbs, so I could say I lifted that much, and I also lifted that easily. At the end of bench, I decided to try 265lbs. But sadly I could’nt get it, I plan on retying very soon, and intend on getting it.

That was the highlight of my week.